In the media: Professor Megan Davis on High Court Decision and Constitutional Recognition


Read the latest expert opinion by UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Professor of Law, Megan Davis. This month, Professor Davis weighs in on the Love and Thoms High Court decision with an op-ed in the Australian and feature in The Saturday Paper. Plus, with political pivots on constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Professor Davis revisits the need for substantive constitutional recognition with mere symbolism being rejected by First Nations people. 


Cautious High Court decision has no immediate practical effects 

The Australian | Professor Megan Davis

"At the end of the day, it is a fragile decision endorsed by a narrow majority, facing strong dissents from their fellow judges and backlash from some sections of the public for their perceived judicial activism." 

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The High Court and the “aliens” power

The Saturday Paper | Professor Megan Davis

"Anything “Aboriginal” intersecting with the Australian law animates a nation that has not yet addressed its original grievance. The annual ritual of “change the date” and the Australia Day/Invasion Day/Survival Day debate is evidence of the same dearth."

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Constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians must involve structural change, not mere symbolism

The Conversation | Professor Megan Davis

"However important symbols are to Aboriginal people, nine years of this work shows, incontrovertibly, that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples do not seek more symbols."

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Professor Megan Davis